Sunday, November 15, 2009

Find how to focus on what is really important to you

Personal development blog Zen Habits has posted a great reading about how to refocus your time and effort to the things of life that should matter you the most, according to your own beliefs and aspirations. In the words of their guest author Sid Savara, it all begins with asking yourself what do you really want to do instead of what you are doing right now - a question clean installers ask themselves a lot of times a day. My favorite tip in this article has a lot to do with realizing you have to do something to change things as soon as you can, since you're not getting any younger:
Treat it as an emergency. My life is booked back to back with work, appointments and various commitments – but when I had to go into surgery for appendicitis, none of the little boxes in my task list got checked off that day. Instead, my routine came to a halt as I dealt with my medical emergency. If you’re having trouble letting things slide, or aren’t sure where you can make time, then consider treating your life mission as an emergency. Clear important, but unnecessary items off your schedule for a day – and let them go. Every day that you spend on tasks that don’t matter is a day you can never recover – and that, to me, is an emergency.
The revelation of how much your current occupation matters to you may be a big motivator when it comes to doing a reboot of your life. Try and ask you these simple but important questions. The answers can surprise you big time.