Sunday, July 26, 2009

Check up your health at home in between doctor visits

The Reader’s Digest has put together a very straightforward list of 16 tips to be aware of how well your health is – all by yourself. The list is filled with many common-sense ways of knowing if something is wrong with you, but some are good to know if you haven’t heard of them, like taking the fall test:
Time yourself standing on one leg. Do it in shoes or barefoot, but don't hold on to anything. Try it on both legs (one at a time) three times. […] If your best leg time is less than 12 seconds, or you wobble back and forth, you have poor balance and should talk to your doctor or physical therapist about exercises to improve it.
I think the vast majority of you would like to keep yourselves healthy on your road to a new life, so it will always be a best practice to check your body behaviour regularly instead of waiting for an illness to manifest in a not-so-good way.

16 Ways to Monitor Your Health Between Checkups

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