Sunday, June 21, 2009

Paul Potts: from cellphones to Passione

Today my father is receiving Passione, the new album from Paul Potts as his Father’s Day gift. I remember Dad’s face when he first saw him through YouTube, and remarked his amazament with a “How wonderful!”. Every time I watch this video, I agree with him a little more.

I think Potts has to be remembered as one of the greatest clean installers of all time. Before his appearance in Britain’s Got Talent, he had been a low self esteem, bullied kid at his school that grew to serve as an elected member of the Bristol City Council. He later took very expensive singing classes that included none other than the late and very missed Luciano Pavarotti, using all of his savings for it. When he auditioned for Mr. Simon "I'm-so-hard-to-impress" Cowell on national TV, he was working at a mobile phone store as its manager.

And now, he’s a professional opera singer with two international albums. It seems investing time and money along with taking risks to get where you always wanted can actually work, huh?

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