Saturday, June 20, 2009

Why I need to format myself

"Every day there's a boy in the mirror asking me: 'What are you doing here?'"

Those are words from Kings of Convenience's Homesick. I remember having listened to it for the first time during some messy months. Lots of work at the office kept me busy more than ten hours a day, traffic jams in Caracas had become sort of an apocalyptic beast, and it was difficult to remember when I had played my guitar or drawn something recently.

Then I realized I had been asking that same question for a long, long time, but I didn’t know I was. I had begun to feel extremely tired, and any small inconvenience was more than enough to anger me for the rest of the day. It would have been difficult at that time, but now I realize those were the ways I was asking myself why I was doing something I didn’t enjoyed anymore, and, more important, why I wasn’t doing the ones I loved so much.

Of course, anybody who knows how difficult is to try and make a living in Venezuela can tell you the reason: “because of money”. Living in a country where inflation rises every year at an average of 30 percent doesn’t really gives you lots of space to pursue an uncommon, artistic career. You have to grip to something that let you avoid starvation. You have to accept it and live with it.

Or so I thought. And, fortunately, I can say that in past tense, because I now believe the most difficult step in doing a clean install of your life is stop thinking we don’t have choices. And trust me: we all have plenty of choices.

That’s why I’m writing this. I want to track somehow my own rebooting process, find resources that teach me the best ways to do it, and share it with people with the same purpose. Let’s format ourselves, choose the life apps you really wanted in the first place, and do a clean install! It would be at least fun, I assure you all.

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